I feel strong, confident, and most importantly, happy

Thanks so much again for a fantastic experience! Here are my thoughts one week after the shoot...

After starting a new job, moving to a new home, and becoming an empty-nester all within 3 months, my motivation for the gym had become almost non-existent. I was still running regularly, but I knew I needed that little push to get back to lifting weights. Having done 4WTF 3 previous times, I signed up once again--what a great way to start a new year and celebrate being 50.

Rita's workouts emphasized establishing a new routine and habit which is exactly what I needed, and the meal plan was super easy to follow. Living alone, I had also fallen out of the habit of cooking healthy meals for myself, but this really put me back on track.

I feel strong, confident, and most importantly, happy with who I am and where I'm headed...and I have  the photos to prove it. 

- Jen