I'm loving this new me!

Here comes my testimonial of the 12 week program: 

This has been a true lifechanging experience, in a really good way! I have learnt so much about myself, a good consistant workout plan and most importantly about how, when and what to eat to get the results I want.

Before this program I have trained on my own for a couple of years, mostly cardio. Running was my focus and I ate "healthy" food. I've ran multple marathons and even ultra distances but I have never felt really good in my body... 

I entered this 12 week program with the intention of becoming the very best version of me, and I can honestly say that I have come a long way to achieving just that. With Rita's help I have changed the way I work out and the way I eat. 

Now my focus is resistant training and I eat what my body needs to feel great. I run even faster than I did before and with less effort. I have more muscles and feel so much stronger. I'm loving this new me! 

All the best,

- Helena (sweden)