Rita knows her stuff! She is truly brilliant!

I recently completed my second session of Rita Catolino’s 4 Weeks to Fab!  My first time was over 8 years ago in Rita’s first program. I wanted to relive that sense of accomplishment and get back on track with healthy habits utilizing a simple yet effective approach to hitting my macros without the complexity of weighing foods. Rita knows her stuff!   She is truly brilliant!  She has a solid understanding of what to do and how to progress. As a coach, she is extremely supportive, inspiring and leads by example.  She is the pillar of body positivity while keeping it real. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to Rita for inspiring me to live a healthier lifestyle. She taught me how to train. She taught me how to feel strong mentally and physically. She taught me how to implement a simple yet effective approach to meal planning (for someone who doesn’t love the kitchen- I could make it as fancy or simple as I wanted). Meal prep was a game changer for me and made winning each day much easier.  Above all, I appreciated her compassion, patience and understanding as I battled with my negative “head” while changing my focus to non scale victories… like nourishing my body with a rainbow, adequate water and vitamins. The day of the shoot … wow!  I felt incredible!  Strong physically and mentally, made to feel beautiful by the award winning Make Up Artist of the Year, Florencia Taylor, and like a super model by the incredibly talented Paula Tizzard behind the camera, while being led through the photoshoot by fitness model Rita Catolino. It really doesn’t get any better!   I wish everyone the feeling of empowerment and strength that a photoshoot provides. It was epic and I left on such a high!   So after all of this … I highly recommend Rita’s program. I know I can do hard things with the helping hand of an incredible coach. Women supporting women is an amazing thing!

- Sheri