The way I spoke to myself improved

I first worked with Rita in 2014 and loved my time with her.  I was very successful with my program at that time and loved the fact that I could email Rita at any point and she would always respond and provide great feedback.  Over the years, I have continued to keep up with her, use Isagenix products, and engage in her groups on occasion.  

The last few years I have let life get in the way and have used that as an excuse to not take care of myself so I reached back out to Rita.   I was almost too embarrassed to reach back out to her and for her to see that I had "let myself go".  But immediately she responded to me with excitement to work with me again and showed me compassion and understanding.  This time around my focus really was on my mental state versus my physical state.  Yes, I had physical improvements but the mental shift I had was by far a bigger benefit to me at this point in my life.  The way I spoke to myself improved.  I put a much bigger focus on adding in healthy actions versus just removing negative.  Rita always was very engaging on our check ins, asked lots of questions, gave me great options/alternatives if I needed them and genuinely wanted me to be successful while also enjoying me work out and meal plans.   I really view Rita as a kind, concerned friend not only a kick ass fitness coach :)  At this stage in my life that was exactly what I needed.  She set me up to continue to be successful on my own and I hope to work with her again this fall.

- Vanessa (Texas)